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Finally made a new Facebook and Twitter , feel free to add me 🙃 https://www.facebook.com/oh.behave.9638 @ohbehave_1 I DO NOT MEET, IF YOU ASK ME IF I MEET YOU WILL GET KICKED . IF YOU ASK AGAIN YOU WILL BE BANNED!!!!.If you are looking for a date then i suggest you try t1nder , im not here to date or meet. If i want to watch your cam i will click it, i dont need to be asked or told to!!! https://images2.cam4.com/tmp-image?imageId=13024317 Skype shows ... 5 minutes 50 tokens ... 10 minutes 100 tokens ... all tokens must be sent via pvt tip for skype shows, if you tip in the room i do not have to leave the room as people will expect a show as the tokens will count towards my goal. so make  sure to pvt tip me, if you do not know how then just ask.       PLEASE READ:   Hi and welcome to the room, rules are pretty simple so if you dont understand then you may aswell leave now!!!   Do NOT keep asking for things unless you are going to tip Do NOT take offense if you are told NO. NO MEANS NO!!!! Do NOT ask for pm with offers such as do this first to prove you are real then i will tip you as you will get banned. NO free shows unless i pm you asking for one, so dont keep asking for free skype shows. If you DON'T like what you see then keep quiet and leave. If you've come just to voice an opinion about your personal views on how i shouldn't smoke or how i shouldn't do this then PISS OFF!!! Do NOT pm without asking first. I am NOT  a video, and if i'm not typing its because either my BF or sister is here with me to help out.   ANYONE that fails to follow the rules will be banned instantly and anyone that causes trouble will be reported to cam4. If you find you have been kicked from the room then you have obviously done something wrong ... if you are kicked then you are welcome back but note "IT WAS YOU'RE ONE AND ONLY WARNING, NEXT STEP IS A BAN"  so have a think about why you just got kicked and come back and behave.   Feel free to add us to friends list, or send a message to the inbox... you will always get a reply but may not be instant Videos and pics are available on request... Videos 50 tokens via private tip Pics 10 tokens via private tip Please ask first so we can discuss what it is you want and whether or not i agree. Do not just send tokens and then demand something. Tokens used to purchase videos and pics will not count towards room goal and vice versa ... so if you have tipped me in the room for flashing etc then this will not count towards a free picture.   PRIVATE SHOWS ... Private shows on cam 4 ... if you are interested in a private show then you are welcome to pm to discuss the per minute token price and what it is you would like first. If you require me to pm you to discuss it then 2 tokens will be required to prove that you are serious and do actually have tokens. Apologies if this sounds crap but too many time wasters that ask for pm just to talk dirty as they have no tokens.   Yes i have skype , but only if i feel comfortable with you and if we have discussed it first.   FAN CLUB. Feel free to join the fan club, pictures will be updated every week with a couple of new ones. It also makes you stand out in chat so more chance of getting a reply...   MAIN Thing IS THAT YOU JUST COME ALONG SIT BACK AND ENJOY , HAVE A LAUGH AND A GOOD TIME.


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